Fire Resistant Siding Colorado Springs

James Hardie – Protecting Homes in Colorado Springs with Fire-Resistant Siding!

Fire resistant home siding in Colorado SpringsThere are few natural disasters worse than loosing your home, your possessions and potentially your family to an out of control wild fire. Unfortunately many Colorado Springs homeowners know this all too well.

This is why we are trilled to recommend James Hardie “Hardiplank” siding.

Fire Resistant Siding Colorado Springs

There are many advantages to installing James Hardie ‘Hardie Board’ cement siding, but none more relevant in Colorado Springs, than the fact that James Hardie siding is Fire Resistant.

Because James Hardie products are non-combustible, many insurance companies offer a discount, as they are familiar with fiber-cement siding’s fire-resistance.

This video shares a story of a family that credits HardiePlank fire resistant siding on reducing damage from a fire that threatened their home.

Fire Tested Siding Colorado Springs

This video demonstrates how the different siding options fair when fire tested. It doesn’t take long to see how superior James Hardie siding is when fire tested.

While no building material can guarantee a fireproof home, but there are some preventative measures that Colorado Springs’ homeowners can do to better prepare for fires— like installing non-combustible home fiber-cement siding.

Siding Pro: Providing Fire-Resistant Siding in Colorado Springs

If your home has been damaged by the recent fires around the Colorado Springs area, and/or you’re looking for a siding solution that will help protect your home and family in the future, please contact Siding Pro today.

Siding Pro only specializes in one type of siding: James Hardie fiber-cement siding. The reason is we believe this to be the best siding option for Colorado Springs homeowners. Allow us to show you the many benefits of James Hardie siding, including being fire-resistant. We are committed to offering the best siding product, matched with the best workmanship and customer service.

Learn more about safeguarding your home against wild fires.