Considering Vinyl Siding Colorado Springs?

ugly-vinyl-siding-colorado-springsWhile some claim that vinyl siding is ideal siding for homes in Colorado Springs, here are 5 things we’d like you to consider before covering your home in cheap plastic:

Your Home’s Value

Vinyl siding is seen by many homeowners in Colorado Springs as a cheap way to cover-up problems. Homes that were developed before the 1940s will lose their historic look with the siding. It is worth thinking about the homes around you. Vinyl siding in an area full of brick and solid wood will look out of place and won’t charm potential buyers when it comes to selling your home.

Energy Saving Claims

When vinyl salesmen in Colorado Springs make claims about the energy efficiency of vinyl, be aware. While there is an expanded polystyrene backing, there is no evidence to support that it will reduce your energy costs or help to retain heat. Whenever installing siding, always make sure you opt for extra insulation to help make your home energy efficient.

Color Fade

With most vinyl, you can expect the color to start to fade after about five years. This is particularly a problem with the sides of your home that have the most sun exposure, due to the high amount of UV exposure in Colorado. If it comes to replacing separate panels, you will find it difficult to get an exact color match.


Vinyl doesn’t need any paint, unlike wood. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance. You will need to wash the vinyl on a yearly basis to keep it looking clean. You will still need to paint any trim and window sashes that are made of wood. Your vinyl can be scratched with ladders when painting the wood.


If you look at advertizing campaigns, you will see claims that it will last forever, but this isn’t the case. While it does last for years, there are times that it will need replaced. This is especially the case with extreme weather conditions since vinyl isn’t as stable as wood. High winds can get underneath the vinyl and pull it away or cause items to puncture it. There are attempts to make the vinyl more durable and stable but the plastic can still be damaged with snow-blowers, lawnmowers and other pieces of equipment. When the pieces are damaged, you will need to replace them since you can’t fix them.

Here’s how Vinyl Siding compares to
James Hardie® fiber-cement siding:

Color Flexibility




Flame Resistance