How Often Should You Replace Your Siding?

How Often Should You Replace Your Siding?

House with Blue Siding

Despite its importance, siding replacement is not a priority for most homeowners. Repainting the exterior of a property is usually a more appealing choice than replacing the siding due to time and cost. However, replacing your home’s siding is something that should be considered. As a homeowner, you may be left wondering how often you should replace your siding or if it even needs to be replaced at all. There are numerous siding options, and each has its own expected lifespan.

Does Siding Material Affect How Often It Must Be Replaced?

There is a wide range of durability estimates for siding options. When comparing the lifetime and durability of different sidings, several factors come into play. Many varieties of siding absorb water but are resistant to dents and scratches. Others are resistant to dampness but subject to denting and cracking.

Another factor to consider is the installation. Siding that is properly installed by a team of professionals like those at Siding Pro will look better and last longer than siding that is installed incorrectly.

Aluminum and Vinyl

With the right upkeep and care, both aluminum and vinyl siding will last for many years. However, these two materials are not identical. Many homeowners choose aluminum siding because it is so simple to maintain and update with new colors. Repainting the siding every 5-10 years might extend its life to up to 40 years.

Aluminum siding has the disadvantage of being easily dented and dinged by natural forces like hail. Vinyl siding, developed as an alternative to aluminum siding, has a lifespan of 20-30 years. Vinyl siding is superior to wood siding since it never needs to be painted. Vinyl siding is more scratch-resistant than aluminum siding but can still be harmed by severe weather damage.

Vinyl siding is susceptible to melting in high temperatures. Depending on the amount of sun exposure and the high temperatures in your area, vinyl siding may need to be replaced sooner.

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding is made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. This siding is not only unmatched in quality but also has an enormous variety of color and style options available. It’s designed to resist the elements and pests, it is fire-resistant, and it comes with a transferable 30-year warranty. Outside of its warranty, Hardie Board siding can last up to 50 years!

Find the Perfect Time to Replace Your Siding

Siding’s longevity and durability are determined by the quality of the material, the workmanship of the contractor, and the upkeep practices of the homeowner. Maintenance of any form, such as painting, staining, or just hosing down with water, is required for all types of siding. Siding, whether wood, vinyl, or fiber cement, must be checked regularly for weather and pest damage. Depending on the material you choose, your siding should be replaced at least once during your time in your home. If you take the time to maintain your siding, it will last longer and look better during its lifespan.

At Siding Pro, we are familiar with assessing whether or not siding replacement is necessary and with carrying out such work, as well as fixing any underlying damage that may have occurred. As experienced siding contractors, we will work on your home as if it were our own and make sure it is done right. Is your siding in need of repair or replacement? Let our qualified contractors provide the exceptional service you need. Contact us today for more information on how we can maintain and replace your siding investment.