Why Fiber Cement Siding is Better Than Stucco.

Why Fiber Cement Siding is Better Than Stucco.

What is Stucco?Stucco is a cement plaster that you have most likely seen before just have not recognized it as Stucco. It is applied over wall and surfaces inside and outside buildings. It is a plaster material and is made for cement. Stucco mix consists of cement, sand, and water. We much rather use James Hardie Siding which consist of finely-ground sand, premium cement and natural wood (cellulose) fibers are combined with water and then cured through a special manufacturing process so it becomes the most durable form of siding known, which makes it the perfect siding for the Colorado Springs climate.

James Hardie Siding is the best for you!

James Hardie siding is a safe product and completely environmentally friendly. It contains no formaldehyde, glass fiber or asbestos. Hardiplank siding isn’t wood, so termites and other insects cannot get into it. Hardiplank is also durable against various weather conditions, including rain, hail and changing temperatures. Hardiplank is designed to keep the moisture out. There is a mildicide coating that will protect against the growth of mold. While dirt splashed on the siding can grow mold, this is easily washed off with water.

Stucco & James Hardie Colors Options

Stucco is very flexible with any color choice you want. It is usually finished with a natural color but can be mixed into an preferred color. Most contractors use warm colors but beige is the most popular color. Then, of course, you have your white. Siding Pro installs Hardiplank siding with factory-applied Prime PlusTM primer, which is a light yellow color. After installing the Hardiplank, we apply a high performance coating, available in any color you choose. The manufacturer, Sherwin Williams guarantees that this coating will not peel, crack or flake for a period of 25 years.

Stucco Complaints

Cracking is one of the largest complaints from homeowners with stucco homes. All stucco cracks are the result of stucco releasing stresses placed on it by shrinkage, expansion or other movement. Depending on size, cracks can run the gauntlet from invisible to unsightly to the cause of major water intrusion. No Stucco manufacturer warrants their product and for good reasons.

Siding Pro

Siding Pro wants to make sure that you have the best siding on your house possible. Stucco is one option out of many. But at Siding Pro we HIGHLY recommend James Hardie Siding. From its warranty to its durability, you are getting the most for you money. Our professionals will do everything we can to do exactly what you want done. Call us today!