3 Ways to Update Your Home’s Siding

3 Ways to Update Your Home’s Siding

3 Ways to Update Your Home's SidingWhen the siding on your home is looking worn or out of style, your home can easily lose its curb appeal. Siding updates give you a prime way to refresh the exterior of your home, helping you feel proud to call the property home and increasing your property value. And an added plus is getting your neighbors or homeowner’s association off your back! Take a look at these three siding ideas for updating your exterior:

James Hardie – Fiber Cement Siding

One type of siding that’s increasing in popularity is fiber cement siding. This durable option gives you strength against weather and animals, plus it doesn’t require much maintenance at all. A fun aspect of fiber cement siding is that it can be customized to your preferences. You can turn it into different shapes and styles, such as plank siding or stone. Plus, the material itself comes in a variety of colors without the need for paint, although you have the option to paint it down the line.

Brick Siding

Another popular and exciting option is brick siding, which offers a classic look and long-lasting strength with little maintenance. Brick might seem like a complicated option, but fortunately, you can get a brick veneer that comes with a reasonable price tag. The veneer option tends to have a membrane that protects your home from the moisture brick takes in. Thankfully, James Hardie Siding protects had fantastic durability towards weather.

Vinyl Siding

When you’re looking for a simple and affordable update to your home, go for vinyl siding. It’s easy to install because it can often go over the current siding, plus it’s simple for you to take care of by hosing it. Just make sure to consider the value James Harde can give you before you cover your home in this cheap plastic you will be replacing in no time. On the plus side, you can pick from different styles and colors to personalize the look of your home.

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