Fiber Cement Siding Benefits

Fiber Cement Siding Benefits

Fiber Cement Siding BenefitsIf you have not heard about the new revolutionary fiber cement siding, you are about to. It is more expensive than the average siding materials, but it is the best quality you will receive. But before you decided to buy this beautiful fiber cement siding, you need to know how it is made.

Fiber Cement Siding Contents

Fiver cement siding is composed of 3 components that are usually “throw-away” materials.

  1. Cement
  2. Sand
  3. Cellulose Fiber

It is a very environmental friendly material because the cellulose fibers can be taken from the unused scrap wood and recycled materials.

Fiber Cement Facts

This material is very very heavy and it will need people who are trained and experienced on its installation to cut and carry it. Because of its durability, it is less susceptible to rot, moisture, termites, and other harmful external elements.

One of the more popular attributes of fiber cement siding is that is it a non-combustible material. It will not melt or release any toxic fumes. Aside from that, it is also a very energy efficient material because of its durability which reduces the risk for air leaks, it keeps your home perfectly insulated and minimizes the needs to consume too much energy which lessens your energy bill.

Siding Pro

We love Fiber Cement Siding at Siding Pro. We want you to have the best quality siding we can give. We highly recommend that you look more into the Fiber Cement siding and if you need anything give us a call for any questions you would like to ask us.