3 Differences Between Fiber Cement & Vinyl Siding

3 Differences Between Fiber Cement & Vinyl Siding

3 Differences Between Vinyl Siding & Fiber CementAt Siding Pro, we know how difficult it is to make a decision on what type of siding you should use on your house. We work with both types of siding often and see the pros and cons from both on a daily basis. We know that it is a big deal to have your house in the best condition possible. Some homeowners settle for the materials that cost less than other kinds, but that might sacrifice quality and other benefits from a more expensive type of siding.


Among all the siding materials, vinyl siding has the least life expectancy that is around 20-30 years. While fiber cement siding can last up to 50 years! A 20 year difference is huge when if comes down to what you are paying for. You could be paying less and getting fewer years, or you can pay for and get what you paid for.


Fiber cement siding is made up of sand, cement, and wood fibers that make it more resistant to fire than vinyl siding which is made up of mostly plastic, that melts in fire.


Though vinyl comes in colors, you need to periodically clean it to maintain the vibrant look, and its colors also vanish over time. On the other hand, fiber cement needs minimal maintenance after you apply the paint on it. You also have the option to choose the right shade desired for your home.

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There are many differences between vinyl siding & fiber siding. Both have pros and both have cons. But the final choice is up to you. Here at Siding Pro we want what is best for you and your family. Call us today and ask any questions that you might have.