Look At Your Curb Appeal

Look At Your Curb Appeal

Improve your Home's Curb AppealWhat impression does your home give to the world? Is it warm and welcoming or does it turn people away? Does it show people who you are and what you find important? The outside of your home says a lot about you. Also if you are considering selling your home, the curb appeal will say a lot about the price you can get for it. There are many ways to increase your curb appeal and many features of your home that you can change to do it. Here are just a few that we don’t want you to neglect.


Landscaping allows you to extend the beauty of your home from just the building to the whole property. Not only will it make you want to go out and appreciate the scenery, it will also increase the value and appeal of the house it surrounds. You can add or change hardscaping, like driveways, walkways, patios, etc. These can be both practical and beautiful. Or there are also many softscaping options like trees, bushes, grass, and flower beds. A fence can also be a good idea if your home needs a little privacy. But make sure it doesn’t damage the overall look of your property.


You have many options here. You can use materials like brick, wood, fiber cement, stucco or even a manufactured rock siding that looks like natural stone. Choose something that looks nice on your style of home and is also durable enough to protect it well. A good siding should keep the home looking nice for decades to come.

Roof Material

You will want a roof material that protects your home but also one that matches the style of home. A tile roof is very common in the Southwest as it matches well with the common design themes in that area. But a metal roof would be more suited for many homes in the southeastern parts of the country.


Your doors are often one of the first things that your visitors will look at up close. You want a door that fits with the design and atmosphere of your home. For example, a modern style house generally shouldn’t have a craftsmen type of door. Be certain that you don’t overlook your garage door. It is a very prominent part of your home and you will want it to look good. A mismatching garage door can really hurt your curb appeal.


Windows come in many varieties and styles. Part of the reason for choosing a particular design will be for ease of opening or how much light it lets enter the home. But make sure you research what type of window will match your style of home.

Little Details

Trim, shutters, house numbers, swings, and on the list goes. All the exterior markings of your home can affect the curb appeal. You will want them in a size and color that match the look of your home. But make certain that you don’t have too much exterior decoration like lanterns, benches, and window boxes. This can make the house look cluttered if there is a lot of it.

Colors and Compositions

Colors, patterns, symmetry, it all make a big difference. Do you want your home to stand out with bold colors and angles? Or do you want it to blend in with a more sedate and laid back look? Only you can decide. But make sure you aren’t the only one that likes it or your curb appeal will suffer.


Exterior lighting is a great way to accentuate the beauty of your home. It can be used to bring out shapes and textures that reflect the feel of your home. It also serves an important practical purpose. Make sure that things like walkways and house numbers are well lit. You might even extend the light to the edge of your property to create the atmosphere for a nice after dark stroll.

This should give you a variety of thing to think about when trying to increase your home’s curb appeal. Some of these you can do yourself. For others you will want a good contractor like Siding Pro to help you. Contact us today to find out how we can help!