Don’t Be Satisfied With Vinyl Siding

Don’t Be Satisfied With Vinyl Siding

James Hardie Fiber Cement vs Vinyl SidingA recent study showed that more than 50% of homeowners who replaced their siding with vinyl would have preferred James Hardie fiber-cement siding instead if someone had informed them of its many advantages ahead of time. This is why it’s important to do your research before making significant home decisions.

Vinyl Siding: 5 Things You Should Consider:


1. It’s a Cover-Up

If you have any exterior problems and have vinyl siding installed over your existing siding, any problems that exist will still be there and will likely get worse. In addition, vinyl siding isn’t nailed tightly to the home, so it doesn’t keep the moisture or pests out as well. If either of these gets behind the siding they can damage the exterior panels, resulting in expensive repairs.

2. It is not Fire-Proof

Vinyl siding is actually quite flammable. Significant heat or flame exposure to the siding will make it warp or melt. Even the sun reflecting from a neighboring window could cause the siding to warp and melt.

3. The Color Fades

You likely have never heard that vinyl siding lasts a ‘lifetime’ and if you have, you were misinformed. It’s obvious that over time a color will fade, especially when it is exposed to outdoor elements on a daily basis. Options you have with vinyl siding:

–          Replace and install one piece; matching the color will prove to be trivial.

–          Fork out the expenses to reside the entire home or one wall with vinyl again.

–          Paint the siding to improve appeal, but anticipate cracking and peeling over time.

4. Warranty

While some siding products will come with a ‘lifetime’ warranty, it’s important that you read the fine print and know exactly what is covered under the warranty, and for how long. Research specific terms, like ‘normal weathering’ to know exactly what it means so you’re prepared should you choose to purchase the siding. If you have more concerns or questions about the warranty, ask the sales rep to explain more in detail before making any final purchase.

5. Aesthetic Appeal

Does your home have curb appeal the way it sits right now? Vinyl siding typically attempts to mimic the appearance of wood but it falls just a bit short. The reasons could be due to the faux wood grain or overlapping seams, making the home appear more ‘plastic’ than ‘aesthetically’ pleasing.

We strongly urge you not to settle for vinyl siding. Choose a high quality fiber cement siding product like James Hardie. Contact Siding Pro for a quote.