15 Things to Look for in a James Hardie Siding Company

15 Things to Look for in a James Hardie Siding Company

New siding is an investment that will pay off for many years, so get the highest quality installation and ensure your satisfaction for years to come by researching and comparing companies.

Here are some things to look for to help you find the best contractor to install your James Hardie® siding professionally and with expertise:

1. Check referrals and references

Ask your trusted friends and neighbors for referrals on the best siding contractor to hire. Additionally, ask the contractor for references from their past clients. It is also wise to check online reviews, the local Consumer Affairs Office, Better Business Bureau ratings, and Yelp reviews.

2. Ask if they are licensed and insured

Verify your potential James Hardie siding contractor is both licensed in your state, and properly insured. Worker’s compensation and liability insurance are vital to have as a contractor.

3. Inquire if they are members of the NARI

The siding contractor you are considering should be a member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. NARI members are committed to integrity, ethics, professional education, and market recognition.

4. Examine their experience level

Ask the siding contractors how many years they have been in business, and how much experience they have in the specific type of siding project you currently have. Ask how many of these types of projects have they done in the last year.

5. Request written estimates

Contact at least three companies and ask for written estimates from each company. Be sure to give them all the same information so the scope of the work they are quoting you is the same. Verify the price is based on your completed project, with no surprise fees.

6. Ask who will supervise the job

When narrowing your search for a siding contractor, inquire who will do the actual “hands on” supervising of the work being done on your home.

7. Inquire about the crew

Before hiring a siding contractor, find out if the work crew is made up of their full-time employees or if they use sub-contractors. Look for a company who uses their own full-time employees to do the work.

8. Ask about repeat business

Find out what percentage of the business is from repeat customers or referrals from past customers. If a company has repeat customers regularly, that’s a good sign of customer satisfaction. And if past customers refer their friends and neighbors to the contractor, that’s also a great sign of superior work and craftsmanship.

9. James Hardie installation experience

Ask the siding contractor about their experience using James Hardie siding products including James Hardie siding with ColorPlus® Technology, HardieTrim® Boards, HardieSoffit® and HardieWrap® Weather Barrier. There is a certification process contractors must go through in order to install James Hardie siding. Verify your siding contractor is certified to install James Hardie siding.

10. Talk about payment expectations

Inquire about the siding company’s payment schedule. If they ask for the whole price upfront, run! That’s the biggest clue it’s not a reputable company, and could even be a scam. Most contractors require a portion of the cost upfront, another installation in the middle, and the balance at the completion of the project.

11. Ask about warranties

The beauty of James Hardie siding lies in its 30-year limited warranty.

12. Find out about workmanship

Ask if the contractor provides a yearlong warranty on their workmanship. Sealant and wear and tear issues can be uncovered within a year, and should be addressed by the siding company.

13. Inquire about waste removal

Good contractors park a bin on the side of the road and collect debris from the siding job in it. They are careful to remove the bin after the project is completed, leaving your property in tip-top shape with no evidence of debris on your lawn.

14. Ask about extra insulation

Many homes in need of new siding also need updates on their insulation. Avoid missing out on the energy efficiency added insulation brings by adding it simultaneously with your new siding.

15. Inquire about project length

Siding installation takes time to do right, so ask ahead about the start and finish dates. Weather can be a factor when it comes to project timelines, so understand the possibility of some alterations in the planned timeline.

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