Choosing the Right Colors for Your New James Hardie Siding Project

Choosing the Right Colors for Your New James Hardie Siding Project


Choosing the Right Colors for Your New James Hardie Siding Project

Your home exterior should reflect your sense of style and enhance the overall look of your home. A home exterior with new siding creates a welcoming statement to family and guests. But how exactly do you go about choosing a color palette for your Colorado home exterior and particularly your new replacement siding?

How do you avoid making siding color mistakes that could cost you time or money to redo? The James Hardie® company thought ahead and created some great palettes to consider. Their house color visualizer allows you to experiment with a variety of colors for the body and trim of your home.

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Guidelines for Exterior Paint Color Choices

  • Consider your home’s location—Your home exterior should look great on its own and should also look amazing within your neighborhood.
  • Climate—Understand that sunshine makes colors appear brighter.
  • Roof color—Since your roof is only replaced every 20- 30 years, be sure it coordinates with the color palette you choose for your home exterior.
  • Test the color—Color swatches can be deceiving, so narrow your choices and try the color on your exterior, then observe it in varying degrees of daylight.
  • Architecture—Allow your home’s architectural style to determine the beginning of your color palette choices.
    • Craftsman Home—Earthy palette including rich browns, olive green, and deep red.
    • Tuscan Home—Part of the exterior is done in stone, and the primary color choice should complement the stone color well.
    • Victorian Home—Bold color combinations in playful colors work well on these beautiful homes.
    • French Country Home—There are a variety of combinations that work on these homes, so start with a pleasing color and create a palette from there.

Home Exteriors Are Primarily Painted Three Colors:

  1. Body—the bulk of the home exterior
  2. Trim—the color around windows
  3. Accent—the color on the front door and shutters

Pro tip

One color choice should take the lead and cover the bulk of your home, while the other two colors are used in smaller amounts and create visual interest.

Trim colors

  • Classic white trim works well with almost any color palette.
  • If the siding is neutral, bold trim color choices will make the home pop nicely.

Color Wheel

Balanced, pleasing color choices are obtained by using the color wheel. For color coordination, consider:

  1. Analogous colors—these colors create a calm look and are obtained by choosing colors right next to each other on the color wheel.
  2. Complementary colors—these colors are found opposite each other on the color wheel and create contrast which pleases the eye.
  3. Color triad—this three-color combination has low contrast and is obtained by choosing a primary color and the two colors on either side of the complementary color.

Pro tip

Homeowners often aren’t sure what to do with their garage door, wondering if it should be the same color as their front door or trim. Our pro tip: rather than draw attention to your garage by using an accent color, blend your garage door’s color in with body of your home by choosing the same color as the body of your home.

Take the stress out of making choices about your new siding colors

At James Hardie, siding and trim are available primed and ready for painting once they are on your home. But if you prefer color that lasts longer than the average paint job, Colorplus® Technology is for you.

James Hardie Colorplus® Technology offers homeowners lasting color. Its outstanding quality keeps homeowners smiling due to its:

  • Durable finish—The James Hardie company applies over 50% more paint than a typical homeowner uses on their exterior. Their exclusive finish on every surface creates a beautiful overall appearance for homeowners to enjoy for years to come.
  • Baked-on bond—To assure your siding won’t chip, peel, or crack, between coats of paint, the James Hardie company cures the finish for an even stronger bond.
  • UV-ray resistance—The beauty of ColorPlus Technology lies in the enduring vitality of the color retention on your home exterior. Avoid typical paint fading from the sun that home paint jobs incur over the years. ColorPlus Technology resists fading and keeps your siding looking good for many years.

You can’t beat a James Hardie siding replacement for durability and curb appeal. See our James Hardie Siding Installation Services and get a quote.