3 Busted Myths About Fiber Cement Siding

3 Busted Myths About Fiber Cement Siding

3-busted-myths-about-fiber-cement-sidingIf you’re building a new home, or just thinking about a big upgrade to the exterior of your current home, you’ll be thinking about the siding. This is important for a few reasons, most notably; the siding will play a large part in both protecting your home, and determining the look. Fiber cement siding, like that provided by a James Hardie siding company, is a popular choice these days. But as with anything that gets popular some rumors and misconceptions have popped up about this material. We’re here to set the record straight on three myths about this material.

1 – It’s Made Of Asbestos

Absolutely not true today, but surprisingly, this was true in the past. Of course, anyone that follows the construction industry knows that asbestos is now officially banned as a usable construction material, because of its medically confirmed carcinogenic properties.

Earlier fiber cement techniques did take advantage of the flame retardant properties of asbestos. But, since the banning of this material, modern fiber cement, such as those provided by a Hardie siding company, remain compliant with building laws and are asbestos free. This does not, however, mean that fiber cement siding is no longer flame retardant!

2 – Fiber Cement Siding Never Needs Repainting

Sadly, there’s no building substance on Earth that, once it has been painted, will never require repainting again, and fiber cement is no exception. The big difference is that compared to other materials, such as vinyl, fiber cement siding can retain its color for several years before needing another coat.

In fact, if you get a Hardie siding company to “prime” the siding with color before installing it on your home, it comes with a 15-year warranty before needing to get another coat of paint. As with any other material, however, being exposed to the air and sun every day of the year, then the elements and different seasons does eventually mean that the colors will need retouching someday.

3 – Fiber Cement Is Better Than Brick

This is more of a “well, it depends” type of myth. If you’re talking strictly about lifespan, brick might still win, as there are plenty of Victorian homes around the Chicago area that are now over 100 years old and still have their original brickwork intact. However, it’s the cost of brick and the relative cost of maintenance that makes that kind of lifespan possible.

With fiber cement siding properly installed by a Hardie siding company, you’ll get a 50-year warranty on the product. However, that proper installation likely means the fiber cement siding will exceed that 50-year warranty in terms of condition, especially if you are taking good care of your home and eliminating problems before they get bigger and less manageable. Getting mortar repointed on a brick home, for example, is a big, messy, expensive job. Replacing some fiber cement siding is much less intrusive.

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