5 Design Secrets For Using HardieTrim Boards On Your Colorado Home

5 Design Secrets For Using HardieTrim Boards On Your Colorado Home


For people building new homes, or homeowners looking to improve their current property or a residence they are about to buy, the choice of siding can be important. This is going to define the look of your new home, but it will play a role in protecting that home in the years to come. If you’re thinking of choosing Hardie Siding or HardieTrim Board for your home, we’ve got five great tips you should keep in mind as you begin your siding process.

1 – Pick The Right Product For Colorado

The United States is pretty varied in the kind of climate it gets. Some parts of the country, like the Deep South, get warm, near-tropical weather and humidity all year ‘round. Then you have more northern states, like right here in Colorado that gets some of the fiercest winters in the country. Make sure that the James Hardie Siding you pick is for the HZ5® zone. That’s the James HardieTrim Board or siding designed to work with cold, icy and wet winters like what we have here.

2 – Try Trim Colors

One thing that works beautifully in fashion and interior design is “highlighting.” A technique where a dash of additional color can really help to bring out the main color. In the world of residential siding, this function is fulfilled by “trim colors” such as stripes of white or other colors that add some extra lines to your home that help emphasize the primary color you’ve selected for your home. To add a bit of visual zest, try adding trim colors to your home.

3 – Choose Your Color Ahead Of Time

While it’s true that you may not be content with the same color for your house for all time, it can certainly help if you already know what color you’ll be wanting for the next few years. James Hardie siding comes “pre-baked” with an assortment of colors, so once it’s installed; you don’t have to worry about house paint!

4 – Don’t Ignore Energy Efficiency

Your choice of siding can also play a role in just how much you end up paying in heating or cooling bills throughout the year. Some siding is better insulating your home than others; so if energy efficiency is an issue for you, factor this into your siding selection.

5 – Be True To Yourself

It sounds like a cliché, but nothing is more important to your enjoyment of your home than being honest with what you love and enjoy. If you really want a more rustic appearance, with a wood texture to your siding, be upfront about this. If the trendy Pantone color for the year doesn’t appeal to you at all, don’t give into trends and agree to it. This is your home, your space. Make it your own!

Let Us Install It On Your Home Today

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