6 Red Flags When Hiring a Siding Company in Colorado Springs

6 Red Flags When Hiring a Siding Company in Colorado Springs

6-red-flags-when-hiring-a-siding-company-in-colorado-springsWhen it comes time to replace your home siding because it has become worn due to harsh weather or natural age, you need to find a Colorado Springs siding company you can trust to do quality work on time and budget.

The trouble is, there are all kinds of siding contractors out there. How do you know that one is bad news before they start to cost you money and peace of mind?

Here are six red flags to look for when hiring a siding company in Colorado Springs.

1. No Track Record

If a siding contractor doesn’t have a portfolio on display on their site or comments from satisfied customers, then warning bells should go off in your head. A fine restaurant would trumpet its good reviews and achievements and the same goes for siding companies.

Similarly, a legitimate, experienced siding contractor will be able to give you pictures and images from previous siding jobs, as well as reviews and testimonials from past satisfied clients. There’s too much at stake for you to risk the job on someone without such credentials.

Run, don’t walk away.

2. Won’t Sign a Contract

If a contractor you are considering hiring tells you that a contract isn’t necessary for your siding replacement, or refuses to sign one, beware of an attempted scam. A contract is a legal agreement and a necessary paper trail for your project. No legitimate Colorado Springs siding company would work without one – for your protection and theirs.

3. Not Local to Colorado Springs

Just because someone is new to Colorado Springs doesn’t mean they are not legitimate. However, their lack of local experience should cause you some concern. Why have they just turned up in town? Do they have the kind of relationships with local suppliers and workers to pull the job off? It all goes to credibility.

4. No Proof of Credentials or Insurance

Laws require contractors to have certain licenses, registration, and insurance, and anyone who is honest and trustworthy will have documentation of these credentials that they will show when asked. If you meet a siding contractor who won’t show you physical proof of insurance, then don’t do business with them.

5. Uses Pressure Tactics

If a siding contractor uses over-the-top pressure tactics when trying to sell their services, then show them the door. They are obviously desperate or not confident in their work.

An experienced, legitimate siding contractor will come to your property, examine your house and then sit down with you to discuss the work and give you an estimate of the cost. Yes, they want to sell you a service but will do this respectfully; taking the time you need to make an informed decision, based on their work experience and their numbers for this job.

6. Doesn’t Follow Your Budget or Schedule

Your contractor works for you as the homeowner. This means they should do their utmost to follow your set budget and timeline. If they make more expensive purchases than you agreed upon or go missing in action on scheduled workdays, then they are not competent professionals and will play havoc with your budget and schedule. Better off to fire them and hire a completely new contractor.

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