3 Reasons Why Hardie Plank Siding Is a Great Long-Term Investment

3 Reasons Why Hardie Plank Siding Is a Great Long-Term Investment


As a budget-conscious prospect looking for tools, equipment and materials for your next home improvement project, you are constantly looking for bargains. But can you really go around chasing discounts and skimping on quality when it comes to making changes that would impact the looks, feel, safety and resale value of your home?

3 Reasons Why Contractors Love Working with Hardie Plank Siding

Naturally, most homeowners looking to upgrade their siding choose to avoid quality compromises that would affect the aesthetics of their property. The good news is that James Hardie fiber-cement siding is a great option for any type of house, recommended by the best siding contractors all across the U.S.
If you’re thinking about opting for Hardie Plank siding yourself, keep reading to discover three key reasons why both

If you’re thinking about opting for Hardie Plank siding yourself, keep reading to discover three key reasons why both providers of siding installation services and their clients see this product as a smart long-term investment.

1. Superior, Continuous Protection Against Environmental Threats.

Siding serves an important purpose: it protects our property from the impact of environmental threats and helps maintain an ideal temperature inside our homes. During the chilliest winters, quality fiber cement siding will keep us warm; the same structure will keep us cool during torrid summer months when all we want to do is plan a never-ending beach vacation.

If you live in an area exposed to brutal weather strikes, you need to rely on first-hand siding to maintain your level of comfort year-round and the flawless appearance of your home. James Hardie siding is the perfect candidate for this job, considering that it ensures the perfect mix of top-rated design and remarkable performance exactly what you need when you know you can’t predict the weather, and want to protect the façade of your home at all costs.

According to its makers, James Hardie fiber cement siding is so much more effective than its counterparts due to its design particularities. This top product is five times thicker than first-class vinyl siding and can handle strong winds of up to 150 mph while staying in mint condition.

For more than 3 decades, its makers have strived to perfect their product and make it more resilient in the battle with extreme weather conditions. As a result, both the trim and siding introduced by this brand are engineered for your specific climate. HZ5 product line was introduced to cater to the needs of homeowners living in areas with harsh, wet winters with lots of snow and ice; while the HZ10 product is suitable for homeowners living in states with elevated temperatures, rain, and high humidity levels.

2. Increased Durability.

Since James Hardie siding is a high-end product engineered to guarantee your satisfaction for many years in a row in any environment, you can rest assured that it will offer you an extensive protection against a wide array of threats, including melting, cracking, rotting and warping, eliminating the need for repair jobs and costly regular maintenance.

3. Great Looks Tailored to Your Style and Taste.

HardiePlank lap siding is one of the bestselling types of sidings in the U.S. not only due to its resistance but also due to its stunning versatility and appeal. Timeless and traditional, HardiePlank lap siding offers you the chance to beautify your property on a budget. This product comes with ColorPlus® Technology or primed to help you take pride in bold, vibrant colors for many years.

Manufacturing with cement, sand and cellulose fiber, the innovative James Hardie siding is just what you need to protect your property and give it a nice, budget-friendly makeover. At Siding Pro, we specialize in fiber cement siding installation, and the leading brand: James Hardie (Hardieplank) siding.

If upgrading your facade is on your list of priorities, call your trusted siding contractor from Siding Pro, and let our team offer you the guidance and siding installation services that can add real aesthetic and practical value to your home.