5 Tips for Stress-Free Siding Replacement

5 Tips for Stress-Free Siding Replacement

5 Tips for Stress-Free Siding Replacement | Siding Pro | Colorado

Replacing the siding on your home can be a disruptive process—for your schedule, for your family and even your privacy. And yet, when your siding needs replaced or update, it’s worth the sacrifices to protect your home investment.

While you will have to put up with a certain amount of noise and giving up yard space to the project, proper planning will enable you to minimize the issues and have a stress-free experience. Not to mention you’ll get a home with new curb appeal and better protection from the elements and hazards like fire and hail.

1. Put Everything in Writing

A legitimate siding contractor will have no problem putting everything in writing. Their detailed estimate will include the price, work schedule, dimensions, part and color numbers, cleanup promise, and other necessary details. The contractor also won’t pressure you to sign the estimate but give you time to read the terms and conditions, and ask any questions you may have.

Besides the completion date, the contract should spell out payment terms. In general, you should never pay more than 10% of the job or $1,000 (whichever is less) upfront. If a contractor asks for entire fee upfront, you should take a step back and reconsider. Construction scams do happen, and you don’t want to be a victim.

2. Hire a Replacement Siding Contractor You Trust

Talk to your replacement siding contractor and ask them any questions you can think of. They should be patient and explain things in terms you understand. They should have lots of experience in the kind of project you have, with examples of work and testimonials. They should provide references you can check.

They should also have the correct state contractor license, as well as liability insurance and workman compensation, so you are not footing any bill for accidents or injuries. And their workmanship should be covered by a guarantee or warranty.

And make sure they have plenty of local experience. If they don’t know the local building codes, this could lead to legal problems and expensive delays.

3. Look at Your Budget

Finances can be a major stress factor when it comes to siding replacement. So have a realistic view of your finances and speak to your contractor to see what can be achieved within your budget.

As said before, your estimate should be an accurate reflection of what you have to pay. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra cash on hand in case something unexpected comes up.

4. Choose The Right Siding Material

When it comes to siding materials, you have a number of choices. A good siding contractor will explain the pros and cons of each, whether it is vinyl siding, wood or fiber cement.

At Siding Pro, for example, we are a James Hardie siding contractor. Created with cellulose fiber, cement and sand to give it durability, stability, and sturdiness, James Hardie Siding is the best at surviving extreme weather, including snow, ice, rain, wind or sun. This makes it an ideal choice for the Colorado climate

5. Check the Forecast

Bad weather can delay your siding replacement project and expose your uncovered house to the elements. While weather forecasts are an inexact science at best, it’s a good idea to check your 10-day forecast before work gets underway.

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James Hardie Siding is a fiber-cement material that is remarkable durable (and remarkably beautiful), as well as fire-resistant, insect-resistant, and weather-resistant. It looks like wood but doesn’t expand and contract the same way, or provide the same kind of fire and insect hazard. It also requires much less maintenance.

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