Fiber Cement Siding Offers Many Advantages Over The Alternatives

Fiber Cement Siding Offers Many Advantages Over The Alternatives

Fiber Cement Siding ContractorIf you enjoy the appeal of real wood siding but realize the impact it has on the environment, it’s time to consider fiber cement siding for your property. While fiber cement has been around since the late 80’s, it hasn’t quite reached the height of popularity that vinyl and wood have achieved. Until now; more homeowners are becoming aware of fiber cement siding and that’s likely partially due to the Colorado Springs contractors informing homeowners of fiber cement siding benefits. The following are just four main benefits that fiber cement siding offers.

1. Resistant to Fire, Moistures & Pests

When you start looking at your siding options, you’ll realize they each come with a fire rating; 1A being the highest and 1A being what fiber cement typically offers. This is a huge benefit. In addition, moisture doesn’t stand a chance in wreaking havoc on your fiber cement siding which means no worries of the siding cracking, warping or rotting. Birds and insects also don’t stand a chance in damaging fiber cement siding; something they can easily do to traditional vinyl and wood siding.

2. It’s Durable

The first features mentioned above just go to show you how durable fiber cement siding really is. Many of the fiber cement siding manufacturers will testify its high durability and compare it to that of cement. This is why you receive a warranty of no less than 50 years; compare that to many other siding types. Because of its durability, fiber cement siding can withstand harsh weather conditions like frost, snow, rain and high humidity.

3. Environmentally Friendly

You might be surprised to learn just how much wasted material is created in relation to the construction industry. This includes siding manufacturing establishments. A majority of fiber cement siding manufacturers make this particular siding out of sustainable and recycled products. You can also be rest assured they don’t have any toxic components and are free of asbestos.

4. Superior Return on Investment

Fiber cement siding is becoming a more popular option because of its life-span which far exceeds most traditional siding types. You get your money’s worth because you don’t have to maintain the siding. In addition, fiber cement siding has shown to increase your home’s resale value; something many homeowners consider when updating their house.  In fact, one manufacturer claims fiber cement siding provides a 25% increased return than say a bathroom addition, and costs more than $50,000 less to do! An added bonus of this particular siding is that it also serves as an extra layer of protection (insulation) for your home which lowers your energy costs and saves you money year after year.

If you consider the benefits listed above, it shouldn’t be hard to realize just how beneficial fiber cement siding can be. Siding Pro isn’t your typical Colorado Springs siding contractor; we specialize in fiber cement siding. Choose a beautiful, durable material for your home’s exterior that you can enjoy for years to come.