Regular Checks Help Protect Your Siding in Colorado

Regular Checks Help Protect Your Siding in Colorado

James Hardie Siding ColoradoMany homes could benefit from changing their siding. Cladding is definitely durable, but over time it deteriorates and requires maintenance and sometimes needs to be completely replaced. Professionals recommend considering all of your siding options that will actually save you money when you’re in the market for new siding.

Residing your entire home can save money over time even though you will need a significant chunk of money upfront. If you feel that your current siding works just fine then maybe a new coat of paint is all that is needed.

In certain regions, such as Colorado, inclement weather is no stranger to residents and the siding can take a lot of punishment from the outdoor elements. Take a tornado, for example, that can possibly destroy homes with the strong winds and flying debris everywhere. This is obvious since we’ve seen trees uprooted and branches that have fallen through homes. This is an unfortunate event but unavoidable most times and if this has happened to you don’t hesitate to seek installation of new siding in Colorado Springs.

After a major storm it’s advised that residents completely examine their property to see if any exterior damage was done and is in need of replacement or repair. Sometimes there are materials that can be salvaged and reused. It’s impossible, and not advised, to simply ignore repairs that need to be done, even if they cost a lot. The damage caused in the beginning and then during the time it goes unrepaired could cost you more in the long run.

Colorado residents understand the threat of tornadoes but may not necessarily realize how much damage can happen to their siding, with or without extreme weather conditions. Siding is susceptible to particular damage in other ways, such as pests that find their way behind your siding. Both pests and erosion can start to destroy your siding causing a completely replacement to be required. Homeowners don’t typically notice this until the damage is done. If you want to learn more about siding repair in Colorado Springs call the professionals at Siding Pro. Our siding professionals can properly assess the damage underneath the siding and recommend the best option for repairs or replacements.