Modern James Hardie Siding Designs To Update Your Home’s Exterior

Modern James Hardie Siding Designs To Update Your Home’s Exterior

modern james hardie siding designs to update your homes exterior

James Hardie®, the worldwide leader in fiber cement siding, has done it again. Their latest siding compilation combines the unmatched performance and durability of James Hardie products with the creativity modern culture embraces and premier design that homeowners love. The James Hardie company continues to bring new, innovative siding solutions to customers including the Aspyre Collection.

For over 125 years, the James Hardie company has spearheaded the siding industry with not only the invention of fiber cement siding, but also the continual innovative development of fiber cement products. This industry leader offers homeowners durable siding solutions with multiple design options.

Climate-Specific Siding

The performance of James Hardie siding is unmatched, due to the amazing makeup of the product and the attributes the siding possesses that are relative to the climate in which the product is used. The genius of climate specific siding leaves homeowners happy with their siding for years to come.

James Hardie siding has been used on over 8 million homes in North America alone. More than 18 billion square-feet of this amazing siding has been installed. The future is bright as the James Hardie company builds on their foundation of success with creative and beautiful solutions for today’s homeowners.

The launch of the Aspyre Collection combines beauty with durability. A luxury collection, Aspyre mixes two product lines that are able to be installed separately or together, giving homeowners and siding installation professionals multiple design possibilities to express their specific taste for style.

The Aspyre Collection To Realize Your Vision

The Aspyre Collection—From Traditional To Contemporary

To create the Aspyre Collection, James Hardie joined the thick, distinctive shapes of Artisan® siding with the smooth, geometric Reveal® Panel System. The Aspyre Collection offers options from traditional to modern and contemporary siding design selections. The diverse textures in the Aspyre Collection give designers unique variations that cater to everything from homes to distinct projects.

The Aspyre Collection—impressive aesthetically

The Aspyre Collection equips architects and builders with the opportunity to create artistically impressive aesthetics for homeowners to enjoy. The modern, genuine profiles of the Aspyre Collection give homeowners the unique chance to display their distinct taste for style in impacting siding choices. Why not express your love for style by incorporating the visually pleasing, newest product line the fiber cement siding industry has to offer?

The Aspyre Collection—outstanding durability

This new, durable fiber cement siding offers unmatched performance against weather elements, fading, rotting, or cracking. You’re going to love the high-performing, long-lasting qualities homeowners have appreciated from the James Hardie product lines for over a century.

The Aspyre Collection Details

When the sophisticated elements of Artisan Siding® married the modern aesthetics of the Revel® Panel System, the Aspyre Collection resulted.

Artisan Siding

  • Definition is created by the 5/8” thick siding that casts beautiful vertical and horizontal lines, giving a distinct look to a home’s exterior.
  • Sophistication to every design is achieved by the opportunity the Aspyre Collection gives architects and home builders to miter corners.
  • Durability of fiber cement siding combines with the traditional look of cedar, bringing superior performance to siding.
  • Low profile seams through lap and lock joint systems create a beautiful overall look.

Reveal Panel System

  • Clean lines for modern aesthetics are achieved by the customizable system of commercial-grade panels, trims, and fasteners.
  • Design flexibility is accomplished by the horizontal and vertical options for panel installation.
  • Reveal Recess Trim and Surround Trim are distinctly different trim profiles from which to choose.
    • Reveal Recess: accentuates deep channels
    • Surround Trim: adds dimension and accentuates height for an industrial aesthetic

Experts in James Hardie product installation

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