Colorado Springs HardiePlank Siding Lasts Longer Than Most Homeowners

Colorado Springs HardiePlank Siding Lasts Longer Than Most Homeowners

Colorado Springs Hardieplank Siding Lasts Longer Than HomeownersSiding is an important part of any home in Colorado. It’s what protects your home’s structure inside and out, as well as your family. Serious problems will occur, and rather quickly if your siding material isn’t up to par against the weather and pests. Such problems include rotting and mold or fungus as well as damage from certain pests like birds and termites. These types of problems can’t be ignored nor can they be ‘washed’ off. If you’re looking to upgrade or are simply concerned you might need a better siding for your home, consider James Hardie fiber cement siding. We have been recommending HardiePlank siding in Colorado Springs for many years now.

In past times you were likely to see many choosing wood or vinyl siding for their home. Nowadays there are more options that perform equally, if not much better, than your wood or vinyl siding. Fiber cement siding is one of those options. It’s very durable, which is one of the most preferred features of siding to Colorado Springs homeowners. James Hardie is the leading manufacturer of fiber cement siding so they have become very well known in recent times. This fiber cement board siding that they create will have you do a double-take. It looks like real wood and even feels like real wood, with a durability and strength of cement. Another reason HardiePlank fiber cement siding has become so popular in Colorado Springs is that it’s low-maintenance. Meaning, should you replace your entire home’s siding or just a portion of it, you’re likely never going to need to replace it, unlike other siding options.

How else is HardiePlank siding better?

It’s unique in terms that the pieces fit together at the seams really tight and it’s engineered this way. Having close, snug-fitting seams means you don’t need to worry about water or wind seeping through and causing damage. Small rodents and animals also have a harder time trying to wreak any havoc because they’re no match for this durable siding. Having quality siding will also extend your home’s life and make it more appealing. With HardiePlank siding you won’t need to worry about flying debris, strong winds, insects, hail or any other outside element that might ordinarily cause damage to your home. What’s even better? James Hardie siding is engineered for your specific climate so you can be guaranteed that it will withstand the Colorado climate.

If you’re ready to learn more about HardiePlank siding, give us a call at 719-433-0300. Our Colorado Springs siding professionals take pride in offering exceptional siding services.